About Us

One thing led to another...

AND a Dream is now a Reality…

Founded by Jon and Hanna Arrington, ABCraft Services came to life when one door closed and another opened through the closing of the Evergreen Pactiv Paper Mill in Canton, where Jon was a Field Operator in the Fiberline.  Jon and Hanna always wanted to own a business where they could work together as a team to bring their combined skills to serve the people of Western North Carolina and Beyond. Jons handiwork, love for the outdoors and go-getter attitude manages the lawncare and landscape side of the business while Hanna’s Business Degree, extrovert heart and love of organization takes care of the business side of services. They claim their son to be the Director of Operations because he makes sure they keep busy so he can have ice cream and new tractors and often likes to pretend to weedeat and mow their property with his kids’ size equipment. 

  • Family Values
  • Hard Work
  • Connection to People
  • Serving Others
  • Dream of Entrepreneurship

What's in a Name?

The Name ABCraft comes from two Names and their talents. A for Arrington, B for Boone. Craft as their talents crafted together this business. Arrington comes from Jon and Hanna. Boone from their dear friend and talented designer who also has mentored them in Business Ownership; Richard Boone.

Jon Arrington

Business Owner

Hanna Arrington

Business Owner

When they aren't working...

When Jon and Hanna aren’t working together building a business and serving their clients, they can be found hunting, fishing, hiking, traveling and playing with their son, Reagan.

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